Wednesday, March 23, 2011

#160 Unbelieving

#160 Unbelieving - Two characters are talking. One keeps saying, "I don't believe a word you're saying," or something similar. This one character does not indeed believe anything the second character is saying, but the two nevertheless carry on a conversation as if a series of truth is building up behind them in the past. And if the first character doesn't believe a word the second character is saying, what we have then is another layer of fiction below the fiction you're trying to propose. The first character is either lying, or the second character is incapable of believing the truths the first character is speaking. 500 words.

I don’t believe a word you’re saying.

I’m going to say it anyways. And keep saying it. There were no other alternatives, and we had to make a choice, right then and there. We decided that she would have wanted it that way.

What was the other way? A choice means two possibilities. You took one, what was the other?

Leave it there and do nothing.

Then you should have left it there and done nothing.

Really? You would be perfectly fine standing there right now, hearing me tell you that we took absolutely no action, that we just left?

It doesn’t matter. You weren’t there anyways. Nothing you’re saying is true.

All of it is true. We took it with us, we took it with us and brought it over to his house. And he was thankful that we did it. We made the right choice.

So what now? What happens to it now?

What do you want to happen to it?

If it’s really there, which I don’t believe it is, then we have to take it back right now.

He would never let us.

He’s old, we would make him let us take it back. Or, or we could wait until the morning and then sneak it out, say it was all a dream, or that he imagined it. He’s been making so many mistakes lately. Yesterday he called me Sandra. Can you believe that?

You do look an awful lot like her.

I don’t look anything like her.

You do. You have her eyes, the same color hair. You have her stubbornness and willingness to attempt flight for people if that’s what the situation calls for.

Stop it.

You do.

Stop. I’m out. It doesn’t matter anyways, you can’t tell the truth. It’s never true.

It’s always true and it’s always been true. You look like Sandra and we all miss her and we all miss you and that’s why we took it with us and that’s why we gave it to him.

How much do you miss her?

How can anyone answer a question like that?

Do you miss her more than you miss me?

The two aren’t the same. At all. She’s gone because she’s gone. You’re gone because you drove away one day and never looked back and never called or told anyone what happened to you.

You miss her more than me.

I don’t.

You’re lying.

I’m not going to go into this with you now. Go over. See him. See it. Maybe you can even play him something.

It’s not there.

It is there.

It’s not.

Does it even matter? Go see him. Who cares if it’s there or isn’t there. That’s not even the point, that’s not what you’re angry about, and we both know it. There may not be another chance to do this. You may be gone again tomorrow-

-I will be gone again tomorrow.

Ok. Fine. So you’ll be gone again tomorrow. Even more reason. This is it. You’ll never get this now back again.

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